On the writing of
“One day, I was sitting at a Starbucks by the Royal Free Hospital in Belsize Park. Having worked in that area for two years, I often found myself staring at a bus parked by the bus stand in front of the cafe’.It wasn’t a happy time for me  –  I was going through a very difficult period. Following a series of events I had experienced some years back, I was struggling to cope with daily life activities. As I found myself staring at that London Bus, number 168 via Waterloo, I decided to write a song asking ‘him’ to take me away as far away as possible from the challenges I was facing. Then, I’ve heard a grumpy but reassuring voice: “Get on board young lady, let’s go!” I was stunned  –  the love and the positive energy I got from allowing myself to develop trust in an imaginary being – a LONDON BUS – just as a child naturally does – helped me through my struggles. Then a girl came along, her name was BEATRICE, and the three of us embarked ON THE MOST FUN-LOVING, EXCITING JOURNEY of my life … the writing of their adventures. My determination to bring my characters to life as well as bring them, one day, in front of children, hopefully inspiring them about pursuing their dreams, about never losing faith and learning to overcome struggles with the help of one’s own imagination, was my path to recovery.”

A print and tv journalist, media entrepreneur and children’s book author, Francesca Lombardo has  worked for large corporate companies (Thomson- Reuters) and has co-founded starts-up companies.  After gaining a Master’s degree in Journalism,at the prestigious LCC of London, her writing was published by prominent UK, Italian and Irish newspapers and publications; Financial Times, Daily Express, Sunday Express, The Telegraph, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, The Herald, The Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore and Vogue. She has worked as editor of an inflight magazine for INK GLOBAL and as consultant for educational EU vocational training programmes and as co-producer of the multimedia project, Vampire Wedding at Castalides Pictures.
She currently works from London for SKY, interviewing A-list actors and filmmakers and runs Daily Fairy Tales, an up and coming media company specialising in the creation, production and distribution of inspirational and education IP for children. Through her books, Francesca hopes to encourage children to use writing and imagination to build self-esteem and find internal resources to cope with difficult issues or challenging experiences.  The character of Beatrice embodies all that, sending a clear message that writing is not in the domain of specially talented people or grown-ups; writing and storytelling is something every child or grown-up can and should do regardless of the outcomes and the recognition.  Published by Daily fairy Tales, an independent company, BEATRICE AND THE LONDON BUS and its spin-offs are available from 12 Southwark Libraries and from some selected central London WATERSTONES and FOYLES bookstores, some London independent bookshops and from 25 online bookstores globally, while prestigious companies like the Claridge’s Hotel and THE GRAND are handing out the spin off London Maps to their guests and some branches of Pizza Express and Cafe Concerto, La Strada, La Giraffe in London promote the books among their little guests.