Tips from Beatrice and the London Bus on what to do In London! HARRY POTTER PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION!

The Harry Potter photographic exhibition is a journey through the memories of over 10 years of filmmaking in a display of behind-the-scenes images, never before seen in one place. Housing iconic photographs and complete with London’s only bottled Butterbeer bar, the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition is a must-visit for any Harry Potter fans. Check their website for more information!



1st April – 14th July
opening hours

Monday – Thursday 10am – 6pm (last entry 5pm)

Friday – Sunday 10am – 6.30pm (last entry 5.30pm)

Including bank holidays

The Exhibition will be closed on 19th May

Later opening hours

1st – 24th April
10am – 6.30pm (last entry 5.30pm)

27th May – 5th June
10am – 6.30pm (last entry 5.30pm)

1st – 14th July
10am – 6.30pm (last entry 5.30pm)

15th July – 4th September
opening hours

Monday – Sunday 10am – 7pm (last entry 6pm)


5th – 30th September
opening hours

Monday – Thursday 10am – 6pm (last entry 5pm)

Friday – Sunday 10am – 6.30pm (last entry 5.30pm)

Halloween Edition 2018!

A special  Halloween edition

of Beatrice and the London Bus

is in the writing!
Release by Autumn 2018 (TBC)

World Book Day 2017 ! Dress like Beatrice and the London Bus (and the London Eye too!)

18_ Feb_Dress Like B and London Bus Comp2-Recovered



And, win amazing London themed prizes!
Prize 1: a flight on the London Eye with your entire class (one capsule) sponsored by
COCA-COLA London Eye, 
Prize 2: a guided Bus Tour across London on a real Routemaster Bus sponsored by the CLASSIC TOUR,
Prize 3: a visit to KIDZANIA sponsored by KidZania London,
Prize 4: 30 Beatrice and the London Bus MAPS sponsored by Daily Fairy Tales Ltd,
The competition is open to kids individually and to schools SK1, SK2, SK3
Send your pictures by the 10th of March, 2017
The winners and winning classes will be announced on the 22nd of March, 2017


About the Beatrice and the London Bus book Series


Top ten Children’s Books about London” In the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland it’s great to see another child heroine taking on a traditionally male task. She shows personality and determination, hence she is setting an example for young girls.” London Mums Magazine
“Bus book arrives with day out competition –  A tribute to London and its transport heritage, Beatrice and the London Bus books aim to help youngsters learn about self-acceptance while overcoming obstacles, embracing their imagination, learning about the world of the grown-ups, about city heritage and  history in a fun and entertaining way” Laura Kate Burgoine – THE WEEKENDER LIFE magazine/ Southwark NEWS
“ The series is excellent – a great way to teach children about our wonderful capital city, and really enjoyable stories too. A really imaginative story that encourages us all to hold on to our dreams.  Beatrice is a lovely character and she takes such pleasure in her exploration of London, that she will enthuse others too” Parents in
‘We’re thrilled that the Coca-Cola London Eye has been included amongst Beatrice’s travels!  This is a great book for getting children engaged with our wonderful city.’ Coca- Cola London Eye on Beatrice and the London Bus book series and drawing competition. Sponsor of one of the competition’s prizes October 2016 and  March 2017

                                      ABOUT BEATRICE

Beatrice character World Book Day


9-year-old Beatrice has a dream, she wants to be a Bus driver and drive a talking London Bus across London. As her dream come true, she will come to discover a city full of secrets and secrets inhabitants; talking buildings and tourist attractions who all have their own souls, dreams and problems. Yes, lots of problems and they  complaint about all day long with the Mayor of London who has a couple of terrible secrets of his own, while the Queen of England ….





 Wear a red length skirt and wear a white top.  You can add a blue strip on the skirt and the top bottom of your t-shirt and on your neck, if you want but it is not obligatory. Wear some blue trainers with pink laces. How to make the Bus Driver band: get a standard hairband, then  get a cardboard and cut our a rectangular pice, write on it BUS DRIVER and colour it as you like it. Then Cut out the shape of two little rear mirrors, colour them as per the image on your left and stick them with glue on the corner of your hair band. Same with the Rectangular Bus driver, stick it on top of it. And now Take a picture! If you have the book, or you can buy in your nearest Waterstones Bookstore, take a picture as you hold the first volume of Beatrice and the London Bus and send it over to by the 10th of March 2017. Don’t forget to wear your Beatrice costume at school on the World Book Day and invite your friends to join the comp and dress like the characters too! You will increase your chance to win the a ticket for 30 kids on the London Eye and a ticket for 30 on a Bus tour!



BUS COLOUR WHITE BACKGROUND_Dresslike the London BusLONDON BUS RM 168 Via Waterloo, is an (Imaginary?), is the last Routemaster Bus left in London and in the World who is only friends with the brave and the Bold! He is a talking London Bus only special people con great imagination can see and hear talking. He is grumpy and always a bit feed up about something, mostly about all the complaints he need to hear all day long from the city’s secrets inhabitants: talking London buildings and tourist attractions who always seem to confide in him for the solution of their problems. He is very afraid of the Mayor of London who wants to get rid of him as he thinks is way too old, till one day he finds a way to survive the attempts of the Mayor to get rid of him and send him to the scrapheap. He becomes Beatrice’s trusted friend and together they embark on the most adventurous journey that has ever been written before about London! After all the already best ones that have been written by other authors, of course! The Author says! Something important! We forgot to mention that his home is the super Wonderful London Transport Museum in Covent Garden! There you can find the three volumes of Beatrice and the London Bus books! And don’t forget to visit the museum inside and ask them if they have seen RM 168 via Waterloo! They’ll probably say that they never heard of him but don’t worry, it is just because it is a secret that the LTM it’s his home! So they will pretend they never heard of him!



Here is a suggestion! Get a white sheet of cardboard big enough to cover you half of your body back and front, length at least, when you fold it. Fold it in two parts and draw the London Bus face at the front and its backside part. Draw any face of your liking. It is your London Bus! Make the best London Bus in town, but don’t forget to write RM 168 via Waterloo on the top, not Pictures! No Rides! and to draw his Bowler hat and his hanging spoon which he uses to eat Tiramisu!! You can also draw the wheels or part of the wheels and the steering wheel. So check the image on your left for inspiration. Once you’ve finished to draw it, colour it, the back and the front. Then cut a half moon right at the top of the folded cardboard so that you can create a hole to wear it as if it was a jumper! And don’t forget to take a pictures and send it to PS: don’t hesitate to make your costume in other ways if you got new ideas! Just dare! Have fun and ear it!

                ABOUT THE LONDON EYE!


Website_DressLiketheLondonEye.whitebckgrnd Boris edit no text (1)

Well, what can we say about her? You can read everything about her in Volume n. 3 of Beatrice and the London Bus, The Conquest of London. OK, she is mighty, beautiful and HUGE! We know that.  She is the most beautiful female attraction in town and everyone in Beatrice’s London seem to have a bit of a crush on her, you know… all those other guys nearby …. Westminster Palace, Big Ben, the MI6, even Buckingham Palace – and she knows it! But the one who has the biggest crash of all the London Bus who is secretly in love with her. She has a problem…though and with the Mayor of London and she went on a fun-strike. Will Beatrice and the London Bus manage to help her and solve her problem? Check out volume 3 – Beatrice and the London Bus – The Conquest of London!



Get a white sheet of cardboard big enough to cover you half of your body back and front, knees-length at least as you fold it. Fold it in two parts and draw the  face of the London Eye, don’t forget to draw her lovely cabins or capsules and. Draw the front and the backside Part. For inspiration on how to draw it check out the image on your left. And then colour it as you like! Make the most wonderful London Eye costume in London, in the entire world and in the entire planet. Then cut a half moon right at the top of the folded cardboard so that you can create a whole to wear it as if you were wearing a jumper! Don’t forget to get pictures of yourself wearing the costume, by yourself or with your friends and to send it to PS: feel free to create your costumes in other way, with fabric if you like, but don’t forget to make her beautiful eyes, mouth and her lovely cabins/capsules! Or, and her hands too!! Have fun!!!



Beatrice and the London Bus Book signing

 Cecco Angiolieri Book school event! 
140 Children!16463211_10154930162259593_7133864124066901465_o



A note to the children who have attended.

Many thanks for coming along to meet me in the most wonderful venue,
The London Transport Museum!
It was such an honour to share with you stories about what inspired
the writing of Beatrice and the London Bus books and the creation of my characters.

I hope you have already started reading volume one and mostly that you are enjoying
Beatrice’ s story about her dreams, especially the dream she has to become a bus driver of a talking bus
and drive around her city to discover many wonderful things.

I hope, it’ll help you remember that not matter how weird, uncool and strange your dreams
and your imagination might appear to others ,
you should trust them and cherish them.
just like Beatrice does.
She does in fact becomes a Bus driver and really embarks on some wonderful adventures about
her wonderful town, LONDON, and with a trusted friend –
a special talking London Bus only special people can hear-
people with a great imagination.

As long as your dreams
matter to you,
and to the people who love you,
it is what matters the most.


Francesca Lombardo


and the LTM staff,
for enabling me to
meet you all,
by hosting this event on Saturday.