Discover London Buses


London Buses are very popular in London,

there are many around and everyone gets on and off to get around

the city. They are red and not so fast, but some drivers drives them so fast

that you really have to  hang yourself very tight, otherwise you fall off.

But among all the buses in London, there is one that is very special.

Today I want to introduce you

this very special London Bus who is a very good

friend of mine.

RM 168 via Waterloo!

168 is his name

via Waterloo, his surname

and he is a Routemaster Bus

A very special model from the past

that everyone loves!

168 via Waterloo is a Routemaster bus, but not just any RM buses,

he is a speaking one,

  – even though most people

can ‘t hear him –

and he is a very, very old bus…

the oldest bus to still travel around London


You can find out more about

RM 168 via Waterloo

at page 60 of

Beatrice and the London Bus – Book

(Vol. 1 – paperback edition on Amazon)

Bye Bye

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