Beatrice and the London Bus book 2 is out!

Beatrice and the London Bus

The Secrets of London -Volume 2 is


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Beatrice has a secret – many actually – and she keeps them all to herself, apart from sharing them with her best friend forever Mark, of course. What are these secrets? THE SECRETS OF LONDON. Every Sunday Beatrice embarks on a new crazy adventure with her friend Routemaster Bus 168 via Waterloo and discovers a city she has never imagined existed. She is captured by sloppy secrets spies and helps a mysterious talking telephone box resolve her secret problem. She meets the Mayor of London who has TWO BIG SECRETS of his own, plus he plans to get rid of the old London Bus. But if she can figure out how to help him, he might spare her friend from the scrap heap! She discovers the secret of making money in the City where she meets a charming Captain on a secret marshmallowing mission. She goes on a mega shopping spree at Parrots Store where she gets into serious trouble, making the London Bus terribly worried. But that’s not all. She finds out about the secrets of Hampton Court, King Henry VIII’s old summer residence. London is not the city everyone thinks it is ….