Year of the Bus

We have been invited by TFL to the


Me, RM 168 via Waterloo and our Writer too have been invited to attend the Year of the London Bus auction sculpture to celebrate the famous London Bus to makes sure grown ups and kids alike in London know how important are buses for the city. I mean, My super friend RM 168 Via Waterloo, is very important to me, in fact every sunday we go and travel around London to visit something. Oh I forgot to say that he is a Talking Bus! Anyway, the auction is this Tuesday! I am so truly excited. They will be plenty of model of buses, although not a model of Routemaster Bus 168 via Waterloo, my fav, that have been painted by famous and not famous artists! The action will start from a 1000 minimum bid! I don t thin I am going to bid as I do not have lots of money. At the most I have 5 pounds but I do not think I can bid with that. It doesn’t matter, however, I’ ll get a pictures of the buses models! I am so excited I can’t wait!!! Ill post plenty of pictures the day after!! The money that will be made from the sales will be split between three charities:

Kids Co
London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum big eyes


Year of the Bus logo

London Bus Sculpture Year of London BusYear of London Bus Sculpture

And this is My Super Friend

London Bus RM 168 via Waterloo

Anyone wants to colour him?

BUt he is not for sale!

Hugs, Buses and Bugs


Routemaster Bus